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Officer Rank/duties

  • Senior Centurion: The responsibility of a SenioCenturion primarily is to enforce not only the uniform but also to instill discipline among the legionaries. A Senior Centurion is a well experienced and seasoned Centurion who knows the ropes well enough to serve as an example to other Centurions.

  • Praetorian Guard: The Praetorian guard is a strong fighter who protects the Emperor at all times. The job of the Praetorian consists of standing guard whenever the Emperor needs them and acting as leaders on the battlefield. Examples of this are public meetings and protecting the Emperor during warfare.

  • Tribune: Tribunes are aware of the intricate details of how Rome works. These are the top officers you go to when there is a problem that must be addressed. These officers are chosen by the Emperor himself to be leaders and are some of the most responsible members of Rome.

  • Legate: The Legates of Rome are individuals that are unmatched in the experience and knowledge of Rome. These individuals are in charge of keeping the legion alive and stable. They are the ones who keep track of the legion's progress and success along with coordinating events and battles.

  • Emperor: The Emperor of Rome is the supreme leader of the Empire. The Emperor has earned his place at the top and therefore is the one who makes final judgments. All ideas and rules must go through the Emperor and the senate before being established.